7, 8: Two Days, Two Challenges

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

This is a dual post so that you can choose which one of these two projects you'd like to work on first - or even start both on Wednesday and wrap up both on Thursday.

1. Read 9 Tips for Writing a Film Review from the New York Film Academy and write a review for the best film or TV series you’ve seen since we’ve been out of school! Length: Around 300 words or so.


Take the time to read that article and watch the videos they've linked.

In your review, in addition to talking about what makes this a good or bad film, write about the cinematography, the editing, the graphics, all the things you've learned about this year. A good review will sound like it's coming from a video production student!

2. Dive into food photography!

Read 7 Tips To Make Your Food Photography Worthy of Instagram


Develop a collection of five different photographs of food.

Composition is the key with all of these things, so create the space where good composition can happen. Come up with a good background, clean the surface where you'll shoot. Use models - nothing says pancakes of PBJ better than a happy mouth chomping into the tasty treats! Good food photography is all about angles, lighting, variety. You can rock with as easily with mac and cheese or a full course dinner!

As always, submit your work to me at dboardman@aos92.org.

But first, watch this bonus video!

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