The Survey

Today's Challenge: Read the message below from Ms. Campbell, then click the link to take the survey.

Hi MMTC students!

Each spring at MMTC, we provide students the opportunity to give us feedback through a Student Survey. This is your chance to share your opinion with MMTC staff in a confidential way...we can't connect any answers to a specific person.

I can't emphasize enough how important this survey is to us. Students are the life of MMTC...we are an elective school and we want to provide the best education possible to our students. We can't do that unless we know what we are doing well as well as how we could improve. We use your feedback to create goals for our school's continued growth and improvement.

So, please complete this survey honestly and sincerely. It's only about 18 questions...shouldn't take too long to complete! Most of the survey is about your experience BEFORE we had to close schools...and there is one section on your experience with MMTC and distance learning.

Thank you for your time, and most of all thank you for choosing to spend part of your day at MMTC.

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