The Final Challenge

Due: Thursday, June 4

Your task: Produce a video self-reflection of your year (or two) in Mass Media Communications.

Length: 2 minutes.

Options: If you have a computer at home that edits video, there you go. If not, then use a phone with either iMovie (free for iPhone), Adobe Rush (free), or a free WeVideo account. If for some reason you have no means to create at all, ask your parents to borrow a phone. If that's a dead end and you have no phone at all, reach out to me for options.


Spend some time reflecting on the many projects you've been involved in. Think about what you learned, what you specialized in, your performance in SkillsUSA, college credit opportunities, these challenges and the work you created - or chose not to create, during this time of quarantine, and your experience for those of you who took the test, gaining certification. Those of you in the Screenwriting course, share some of those experiences - even share a brief reading from your script.

This should be a reflection on your growth in skills. Think about what you learned, and absolutely, consider where it will take you. Yes, it's also an opportunity to talk about your goals for the future.

Above all, plan. Make notes, lists, timelines or charts to prepare. Write your script. Use your phone's voice recorder to record, or record into the camera and use b-roll. But don't park yourself and talk to your phone for two minutes. That's not what this is. This is about production, not a cell phone ramble.

Refer to the quarter 4 scoring rubric to get a sense of the depth this project should have. This work counts for both the course quarter, and the dual credit.

Good luck, I can't wait to watch your work, and stay in touch with questions.

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