14: Student Reporting Project

Today I'd like to hear from you. This Challenge is to take part in this PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs coronavirus project. Here's the prompt. Read this carefully.

Tell us your story about your life during the global coronavirus pandemic in 60 seconds or less. HOW: Selfie-style with your phone, talk about how your life has changed in response to the coronavirus. No editing involved. This is just a straight to camera recording that can be up to 60 seconds. You can show us what’s around you or bring others into the picture (if allowed) to talk about what you’re experiencing.

Take your time with this. Submit by 5 p.m. Tuesday night. Really work at this one - we're going to compile your responses for a collaborative video, and PBS Student Reporting Labs will be interested in them as well.

**Remember, a good story has a beginning, middle, and end. Before you begin, think about what you want to say and show your audience. Do some planning.** CONSIDER: How has your life changed? Are you practicing social distancing? What does this mean for you? How has your school day changed? How has your social life changed? What is happening with your afterschool activities? How have your parents/other family members’ lives changed? What are you most worried about? What are you looking forward to?

Don't just answer these questions. Think about them carefully, and make some notes. Think about what you're going to say. Then position your phone or camera so you have a flattering look - find a quiet space, consider the background, don't have lights in the background - actually work on your lighting. You can move your camera, but be gentle - you'll easily distract us if the camera bounces around.

Introduce yourself and say where you're from. Make your recording, and watch it before you submit. Chances are this might take you a couple of takes. Try practicing in a mirror before you record. Of course, don't refer to your notes when you speak - just use them to frame your thoughts.

WATCH THIS EXAMPLE FROM SRL’s BECKY WANDEL (make sure to include your location!)

CHECK OUT THESE BEST PRACTICES FOR CAPTURING VIDEO ON IPHONES SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO HERE or post on social media using #SRLReacts so it's picked up by PBS. IMPORTANT: File names should follow this naming structure: NAME_STATE_CITY_SCHOOL and anyone on-camera (including yourself!) must fill out the CV DIGITAL RELEASE FORM


Send your video to me: Post it to your Google Drive and share a link to me, or upload it to my Dropbox.

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