Photos and Music

This challenge is an interesting combination: you'll understand a bit of how musicians work, and get a chance to think about great photography by looking at work from some well-known people making images today.

Here's the first part: Watch this Rolling Stone video Billie Eilish and Finneas Break Down Her Hit Song 'Bad Guy'. If you really want to go for another level, watch FINNEAS Explains How He Builds Songs For Billie Eilish | Critical Breakthroughs | Pitchfork.

Now, I'm not the hugest Billie Eilish (Did you know her middle name is 'Pirate'?) fan, but there is an interesting formula to the music she produces with her brother, and these are decent conversations about music production. You'll learn something right off.

Here's part two: The Bowery Mission in New York City helps people who aren't making it in today's economy. Even before COVID-19, life was tough for a number of people. That situation only worsened with the pandemic. Now, a number of top photographers have donated prints to be sold to raise money for this organization to continue helping people. Your challenge is to go to this site, explore the images, and click the links to photographers' websites whose work you like. Learn about the people behind the images, and what they say about creating images.

Then, send me an email. Write about the image you liked most, and why. This isn't a one-line response. It's a short piece of writing - a solid paragraph or two. Turn your thoughts in by the end of the day on Thursday.

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