Lost and Found

Crisis, trauma, big events, often make us realize things we took for granted. Times like these challenge us to grow as people, reconsider priorities, even make changes. Here's the question behind today's multi-day challenge: What have you lost? What have you found?

Start by reflecting. Pass by the quick answer and dig a little deeper. Go beyond the immediate answer. If you don't know what you've found, look around. Think about the relationships you have with people, the things you're spending time on, think about if, and how, you have changed.

This is a 3-minutes of less video challenge using your phone. If you don't have a device that can film video, borrow one from a parent, or worst case, make this an essay.

Film in a well-lit, quiet space with a steady camera. Think about your responses, and do multiple takes to get the best one.

Start by carefully reading Student Reporting Labs' prompt for this project. You'll also find the turn in link for them if you want to submit. To turn this in for this class, share a link via Google Drive or use this link:

Dropbox Submissions

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