Instructions for all students

In case you haven't noticed, I'm out today. Many of you have ongoing projects. I'd like you to continue working on them, after doing the following:

Watch Peter McKinnon's tutorial, "Top 10 Premiere Pro Editing Tips."

Optional (and very helpful): Watch: "SHAKY FOOTAGE? How to get Smooth Handheld Shots..."

If you have a current project in progress, work on it today.

If you do not have a project in the works, or have just completed one:

If you are enrolled in CNMS 111, follow this link to start working on the dual credit course.

If you are not enrolled in CNMS 111 either begin developing plans for a multi-interview story that you will shoot - you come up with the topic and start developing plans.

You can consider an entry for this contest: Career Safe Youth Safety Video Contest.

Or come up with an idea for a new multi-interview story.

Need an idea? Browse some episodes of The Buzz.


Develop plans using this pitch and AV chart. Save this document to your own Google Drive before you begin working on it.

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