Challenge 3:

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Got an Instagram account? If not, start one today. Now that you have one, work on your profile a bit. tell the world who you are!

Here's the challenge:

Part 1: Find 10 good photographers to follow on Instagram. Search out people who have a style you like, see what kind of hashtags they use to get their work seen (#streetphotography #Maine #smalltownlife etc.)

Part 2: Create an interesting photo and post it to your own Instagram account. Consider getting creative - explore some of the editing tools on your phone or online. Explore VSCO ( or any other free editing platforms. If you have your drive from class with you, see what's there. If you don't, it's with me. If there's a photo you know you took and I can find if for you, let me know. But definitely, shoot something new! In these days, consider using the #lockdown hashtag.

Part 3: Follow the Mid-Maine Technical Center Instagram account and definitely, search out our followers. Check out: a Colby student photographer who was coming to our class:, and me: and view the people I follow!

Part 4: Comment on this post with YOUR tips to make a good Instagram account, or share a link to a good Instagram account we should all be following! (Just make an account when you click "Comment."

Bonus Feature:

And lastly, for those of you who are ready to take on something a little longer term, consider enrolling in either of these free, online classes:

From the University of Pennsylvania and EdX:

Hollywood: History, Industry, Art 

Explore the history of Hollywood, from Edison and the birth of film to the rise of the internet.

Or from The Berklee College of Music and their EdX portal:

Vocal Recording Technology

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