Brief but Spectacular

Updated: May 22, 2020

PBS NewsHour flipped the interview on its head with its Brief but Spectacular series some time ago. Rather than featuring an interviewer in a highly structured setting, they turned the camera on all kinds of people and asked them to tell their story.

We all have stories.

We all have stories.

This challenge is to watch several Brief but Spectacular interviews, then produce your own.

Watch any from the list, but this one about photographer Uldus Bahktiozina is especially good. Listen to her ideas about film photography vs. digital.

Plan what you're going to talk about. Life under quarantine, the change of school, why you're motivated to succeed, or, perhaps, why you have little motivation.

Set up your phone or camera, start recording, and talk, looking at the camera. If you stumble, smile and carry on. Or, if you've really lost your way, restart.

Think about it. What's the story you can tell in 3 minutes?

Due Tuesday night, May 26.

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