22: Rain, rain...

"You can't go outside today. It's raining." Ever hear that? Ever think it? Well it's not true!

If you lived in Seattle, that would mean you couldn't go outside nearly half of the days in a year! And you'd have never seen Elliot Erwitt's "Eiffel tower 100th anniversary" created in 1989. He was in his 80s at the time, so if he can be in the rain, so can you!

Today, your challenge is to photograph a scene in the rain. You don't have to get wet, and of course, don't get your camera or phone wet, but rain is an opportunity to be creative and tell a story. So today, tell a story by creating a photograph of a scene in the rain.

First, get a little advice:

1. Keep your gear dry!

2. Keep your lens raindrop free. (See #1)

3. Look for reflections.

4. Umbrellas are cool - get under one, or get a model under one.

5. It's OK to shoot through windows: cars, house, etc.

6. If you have a phone with a slow-motion mode, experiment!

7. You won't get a great shot the first time. Take a bunch, play around, experiment!

You can create a mood, a feeling, a sense of dread, or or life. Got a garden? Bam! Imagine seedlings with raindrops. Got a puddle? Look for the ripples. Got a... Well. You get it.

Send your image in to me, or post to IG or elsewhere and let me know!

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