21: Three options

Welcome back from our un-vacation! I've got several options for you in this three-day challenge due on Wednesday. Please join me for a free Zoom meet-up today so I can answer any questions about these!

Option 1: Create a video anthem for yourself. Download Adobe Rush or any free video editing software (if you have an iPhone, you have iMovie) onto your phone, or if you have a computer, use whatever editing software you have. Capture images - video or still - with your phone or camera, or use ones you already have, and find a song you connect with, something that carries a message that speaks to you. Put it together in a way that tells your story, and shares your message. Unsure what an anthem is? Check this out by Alicia Keys. Remember - it's a story. Think message, beginning, middle and end.

Option 2: Create a video story of your world in the time of stay-at-home. Focus on some aspect of life today. It could be a video about your siblings doing college or high school from home, new music your family has started listening to your art, your family, even your neighborhood. Building something with a parent? Do an interview and tell the story. Fishing with a relative? Make it a story. Parent working from home? Laid off from work? Interview them about the situation. Look, these are major times, and journalists all around the world are documenting some part of life. Don't just point your phone for a random interview - actually tell a story. Take the time to write questions, set up actual interviews, and produce something that really tells part of the story of this moment.

Option 3: Write an article for the Student Reporting Labs Coronavirus blog. The length is short at around 200 words, but this has to be developed. Look at Prompt #2 in this link: What are your expectations for government and school officials around #covid19? Weigh in on the arguments to open or keep the economy shut. Why does it matter to you? It'll take thought, maybe a little online research to see what is happening locally, and it'll take some well crafted, sharply edited writing. Use good paragraph development, and take your time with grammar, sentence structure and the like. You must follow the directions for submitting your work to Student Reporting Labs. Send me a copy of your submission. You get credit when they confirm you turned it in.

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