20: 'It's Not a Vacation' Challenge

So as you all know, MMTC is not on vacation this week- a few, but not all - schools are. Since we are trucking ahead, I thought I'd give you some options, make this fun, educational, and not so difficult. Watch for details on an optional Zoom meeting later in the week.

Here are your choices:

1. Give yourself some time to do a big time search on people who are doing some part of video journalism, photography, design, graphic arts, art, and anything you're interested in. Find their websites, find their Instagram, read their biography online, see how they got their start and where they are now. A few of my favorites: Matt Black, @arunsharmaht, Dina Litovsky, Andre D. Wagner, Madeline Morlet.

2. Work on your Instagram / photography / video portfolio. Take pictures in your neighborhood, your back yard, a nearby park, anyplace you can stay safe, social distance, and find images that stand out to you.

3. Watch some of The Top 100 Classic Movies - build your film background.

4. Explore No Film School. Skip the gear reviews and look for the articles and videos that'll teach you about the industry, techniques, getting started.

5. Go crazy watching Rocket Jump Film School. Find a cool technique or trick to incorporate into your toolbox of tricks.

6. Learn everything you can from Film Riot.

7. Bail on all this for a week, help your family or neighbor rake and clean up for spring, plant your garden, finally clean your room, learn yoga - and do it.

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