First off, make sure Adobe Illustrator is downloaded on your computer. If it's not, log into your Creative Cloud account and download it!

Illustrator is one of the programs you'll need to learn for the CNMS 111 dual credit. The program is used to create logos, pictures, and more. It is the go-to program for graphic designers around the world.

Illustrator is used to create vector images. These are graphics made up from lines, rather than pixels. Raster images, like JPEGs, are made up of pixels.

The difference is this:

Vector images, like those made with Illustrator, are made with lines, not dots, and so can be increased in size without losing sharpness. Raster images, like JPEGs, are made from dots and so they lose resolution when  increased in size. You will be creating vector images using Illustrator.

Start by learning the basics of the program. Your end project for this program is to create a logo for you own production company. There are a number of requirements for that, so before you get too far ahead, start learning the program.

Use the hands-on tutorials to learn how the program works, right from Adobe.


Today, go through the first page of tutorials so that you understand the basics of the program. Download practice files as needed to be certain you can zoom, pan, create files, and save your work.

On the second page of the tutorials, be certain you download the practice files for Create and Edit Shapes. Use the techniques you learned to create the robot.

Complete the robot today. You'll submit it on Tuesday.

Creating the robot is the first grade for this segment of the course. Once you have finished, continue through the page of tutorials to create a Happy Birthday card. Completing that mini-project is the second grade.

Next Level Skills

Once you've created and submitted the robot and birthday card, now let's create more independently.

First, watch Organize Content with Layers. It's similar to Photoshop.

Then start understanding the drawing tools. Follow through: Watch and Do, this tutorial link:

Get to Know the Drawing Tools

Use Pencil and Paintbrush Tools


Create with the Pen Tool

Then watch and do:

Pen Tool Practice


Edit the Paths You Draw

and at any time,

Play the Bezier Game for a low-stress way to practice the pen tool.